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    Advocating for sensible drug policy.
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    Educating the next generation
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    Providing harm reduction
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Harm Reduction made fun.

Karmik has been around since 2014, offering pragmatic harm reduction services to over 5 festivals and 50 nightlife events along the West coast. In acknowledging the fact that aspects of party culture are inherently hazardous, we encourage safer practices while emphasizing peer support and non-judgement. We provide event attendees with resources such as earplugs, condoms and lube, as well as straws to prevent the spread of HIV and Hep C through the use of insufflated drugs. We also strive to provide open and honest education about issues such as drug safety and sexual health. At larger events, we provide further services such as sanctuary spaces and drug testing tents.



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Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“...Karmik has always been appreciative working with us and are extremely easy to get along with. I would strongly recommend having Karmik at any event where harm reduction is needed!”

- Jordan L., InnerCityBeatz Co­Founder

“Karmik's engagement has been a crucial piece in creating a campaign that will be meaningful to folks who use drugs on a recreational basis. Thank­you Karmik!”

- Sara Young (VCH Harm Reduction Coordinator) & Alex Scott (VCH Peer Programs Coordinator)

“Karmik empowers others to follow their hearts and make informed decisions with minimal harm to themselves or others.”

- Callum M., Karmik Volunteer


The friendly, helping amazing people behind Karmik.

Munroe Craig

Founder/Outreach Director

Munroe Craig is the owner and Outreach Director of Karmik and holds a Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Major in Addictions, as well as a substance use counselor diploma. She is an addiction counselor by trade and operates from a philosophy of harm reduction in all aspects of her profession. Her client focus is street entrenched, highly resistant youth & those with concurrent disorders. She has been a substance use counselor (in day programs and custody settings); youth worker in multiple agencies located in downtown Vancouver; an outreach worker in the Downtown EastSide; and more. Currently, she is employed by the Potluck Society in the Downtown EastSide, supporting employees of social enterprises. Operating from a specialty in expressive and creative therapies, she is an active artist. Munroe's personal experience growing up in the electronic music and festival community solidified her views on harm reduction and alternative healing capacities, setting in place the foundation for Karmik to evolve.

Alex Betsos

Co-Founder/Volunteer Coordinator

Alex Betsos is the Volunteer Coordinator for Karmik, and is involved with organizing and running the volunteer training as well as coordinating volunteers and staff for events. Alex is sociology and anthropology honours student at Simon Fraser University with an interest in deviance, care, and the body. Growing up in Toronto, where the TRIP Project facilitates safer partying, Alex wondered how he might be able to implement safer nightlife practices in Vancouver. After going through TRIP Project’s training process with the desire of bringing something similar to Vancouver through Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP), Alex coordinated with previous CSSDP-SFU Vice President Margaret Yu to try and establish a project similar in scope to what the TRIP Project offered in Vancouver. Alex is also the former Personnel Liaison for the CSSDP National Board, and has attended conferences on their behalf including: Reform Conference, SSDP’s National Conference (where he participated in a panel on ethical drug consumption), and participated in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on narcotic drugs as a member of one of the civil societies. He currently sits on CSSDP’s board as a Strategic Advisor.

Cameron Schwartz

Administrative Coordinator

Cameron Schwartz is the administrative coordinator for Karmik and is passionate and committed to the harm reduction cause in the nightlife and electronic dance scene. He is currently working in a fungal research lab, contributing to projects such as the analysis of samples in association with the BC Drug and Poison Information Centre (BCDPIC) and the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). After getting involved with Karmik as a volunteer, he was inspired to pursue a greater role in the harm reduction community, and has since become one of Karmik’s coordinators.

Gareth Crawford

Communications Director

Gareth Crawford is the Communications director for Karmik. He is an SFU Communications/Political Science graduate as well as a nightlife promoter, DJ, and harm reduction advocate. In 2013 he founded Wetcoast Music Inc. and has thrown over 70 events in Vancouver Nightclubs, Lounges, and Warehouses. His experience in the nightlife community made him aware of the need for harm reduction on-site at events and also inspired him to advocate and lobby for more sensible drug policy in all levels of government. His duties with Karmik include managing social networks, PR duties such as press releases, and graphic design as well as all other things communication related.

Amy Cotton

Development Coordinator

Amy Cotton is the Development Coordinator for Karmik. Amy has over ten years of experience working with not-for-profit programs, charities, and community services with an emphasis on fundraising and communications strategies, youth programming, harm reduction, and event management. She is a Member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and currently works as a Board Member and Membership Services Coordinator at The Beaumont Studios Artist Society. She is trained in non-violent communication and crisis intervention strategies. Her secondary passions are in the areas of art, fashion, music and dancing.


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