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Harm Reduction made fun.

Karmik is a west coast harm reduction initiative, based out of Vancouver BC, focusing on pragmatic harm reduction strategies in nightlife and music festival events. Recent preventable deaths at music festivals and in the electronic music community prompted Karmik to be proactive and to begin addressing and establishing the 'big elephant in the room' issues and topics. We create safe spaces, promote safer party practices, acknowledge the need for honest education and integrate harm reduction into everyone's lives. Our presence represents active demonstration in taking care of our community with the utmost compassion to reduce further harm and become the beacon of responsible party culture. Karmik's founders are passionate about harm reduction and have combined experiences in outreach, addictions counselling, mental health professions, event production and executive members of the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) club.


Here is some of the benefits Karmik has to offer.

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Get notificated on events we cover.


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Get ahead, be smart and keep up to date on harm reduction.


At Karmik eventswe always lend a helping hand.


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Merchandise / Swag

We offer Karmik swag that helps benefit our volunteers!

Giving Back

We give back to the community until it hurts.


Get informed, and stay safe.


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

“...Karmik has always been appreciative working with us and are extremely easy to get along with. I would strongly recommend having Karmik at any event where harm reduction is needed!”

- Jordan L., InnerCityBeatz Co­Founder

“Karmik's engagement has been a crucial piece in creating a campaign that will be meaningful to folks who use drugs on a recreational basis. Thank­you Karmik!”

- Sara Young (VCH Harm Reduction Coordinator) & Alex Scott (VCH Peer Programs Coordinator)

“Karmik empowers others to follow their hearts and make informed decisions with minimal harm to themselves or others.”

- Callum M., Karmik Volunteer


The friendly, helping amazing people behind Karmik.

Munroe Craig


Munroe holds a Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Major in Addictions, as well as a substance use counselor diploma. She is an addiction counselor by trade and operates from a philosophy of harm reduction in all aspects of her profession. Her client demographic is street entrenched, highly resistant youth & those with concurrent disorders. She has been a substance use counselor (in day programs and custody settings); youth worker in multiple agencies located in downtown Vancouver; an outreach worker in the Downtown EastSide; and more. Currently, she is employed by the Potluck Society as a 1:1 and employment support worker for social enterprises in the Downtown EastSide in the Recipes for Success program. Being involved in social innovation from both a personal and professional perspective, Karmik has found a niche within these business philosophies as well. Operating from a specialty in expressive and creative therapies, she is an active artist. Munroe's personal experience growing up in the electronic music and festival scenes solidified her views on harm reduction and alternative healing capacities, setting in place the foundation for Karmik to evolve.

Margy Yu


Margy Yu has multi­faceted experience working in the health/fitness/wellness industry, volunteering as a Vice­President for Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) club and as an active member in Vancouver's electronic music scene. After experiencing transformational healing and self­development through nightlife and music festivals, she realized how essential it is to create safe spaces at music events, especially for those who need support during difficult psychedelic experiences. Margy also co-produces FAME (Female Arts and Music Exhibition) Nights, a project highlighting creative females, where harm reduction is always advocated. Since the creation of FAME Nights, Margy met Munroe and shared their passions to create a harm reduction initiative for nightlife and music festivals in Vancouver. Shortly after, Margy brought together Alex and Munroe to meet and Karmik began to form.

Alex Bestos


Alex Betsos is a sociology and anthropology student at Simon Fraser. He is also a board member of Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and runs the chapter at SFU. Hailing from Toronto, where the TRIP Project facilitates safer partying, Alex wondered how he might implement safer nite­life in Vancouver. After going through TRIP's training process with the desire of bringing something similar to Vancouver through CSSDP, Alex coordinated with previous CSSDP­SFU Vice President Margy to try and establish a project similar in terms of its autonomy and methodology to Vancouver.


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