Karmik is a west coast Harm Reduction organization which provides pragmatic harm reduction services to festivals and nightlife events across British Columbia. Based in Vancouver, BC, we advocate for evidence-based drug policy and community engagement through research, training programs, and public education.

We acknowledge the aspects of party culture that are inherently hazardous so Karmik’s trained Harm Reduction workers provide peer support with a non-judgemental perspective. We do not condemn or condone, and we support rather than punish.. We provide open and honest education about issues such as drug safety, anti-oppression, and sexual health in a way that is accessible, professional, and fun.

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Any media inquiries can be sent directly to munroe@karmik.ca
We also encourage you to check our RESOURCES section to learn more about us and how we can provide you with Harm Reduction Services, Education, and Expertise.

Meet Munroe

Munroe Craig

munroe (@) karmik.ca

Founder/Outreach Director/Naloxone

Munroe Craig holds a Bachelors in Health Sciences with a Major in Addictions, as well as a substance use counselor diploma. She is an addiction counselor and operates from a philosophy of harm reduction in all aspects of her profession; specializing in expressive and creative therapies, she is also an active artist. Munroe’s supportive focus is street entrenched, highly resistant youth & those with concurrent disorders. Munroe is a naloxone trainer with TowardTheHeart, training young adults and larger businesses such as music festivals, venues and more through Karmik Naloxone 604. Currently, she is employed by the SpencerCreo Foundation as a support worker in the DTES and works frontline mental health and addictions with RainCity. Munroe's personal experience growing up in the electronic music and festival community solidified her views on harm reduction and alternative healing capacities, setting in place the foundation for Karmik to evolve. Munroe also is the Director of Harm Reduction for the annual Bamboo Bass Festival in Jaco, Costa Rica, which works in collaboration with the Central American harm reduction supports ACEID, ReverdeSer Colectivo & Programa de Análisis de Sustancias.

Support Us

Karmik relies on financial donations and volunteers in order to provide our services to the community

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Karmik provides comprehensive and integrative practicum placements for universities, colleges and academic institutions. We have hosted practicums for students from Canada as well as international. Practicums are usually led by Munroe Craig, but students can also request other staff members from Karmik as well who meet requirements.

Typical Practicums:


Interested in helping people in a Nightlife or Festival Setting while also getting into awesome events for free? Then apply to volunteer with Karmik!

Karmik volunteers are fundamental to our organization, especially when it comes to live events. Volunteers play an important role in engaging event attendees, providing information about safer partying and providing peer support during challenging or traumatic situations. In order to volunteer with Karmik, attendance of training sessions is required to confidently handle situations while on shift.

Training sessions are generally offered 3 times per year, and consist of several workshops, totaling about 36 hours. Though previous experience with first aid and harm reduction is an asset, but is not required; we are happy to train anyone that is enthusiastic about our cause.

There are some great reasons to become a volunteer with Karmik
- Participation and free entry to cool events and festivals!
- Meet likeminded people and have fun!
- Training is free!

Positions Available:

Live Event Harm Reduction Support Worker

This position requires that you have completed our 6 week, 11 session training program that prepares you for working at Karmik Safer Spaces/tables at festivals or nightlife events. Karmik runs training sessions x3 annually; spring, pre summer festival season, and fall. We still encourage you to CLICK HERE to download and return the volunteer application because slots usually fill up quickly! We always provide priority to those who have submitted their volunteer application prior to training sessions being announced and applications going live on our social media.

Please fill it out and send it to our Volunteer Coordinator via robert@karmik.ca

If you feel like you can contribute in some other way then feel free to fill out an application HERE and tell us how you may be able to help us in some other capacity.


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