Founded in 2012, Karmik is a computer program review website that provides tips and guides about how best to get the most out of the internet, computer applications/programs, and mobile programs. We strive to help people use and navigate contemporary flow in consumer technology. Our work is to protect your data from online threats.

Karmik is a leading supplier of computer software like internet security solutions purpose-built to protect businesses, solution providers, and home users from malicious and costly cyber threats. With over eight of business work, Karmik is among the globe’s largest threat intelligence team, providing high-quality protection against the most damageable online threats. Our testimonials add a comprehensive endpoint and email security, together with threat intelligence for real-time malware analysis.

Karmik solutions provide easy-to-use, comprehensive, layered protection through cloud-based and host security, with cellular interfaces that enable fast hazard response. Our target was to protect the user when there was a computer virus and then clean it. This grew to a focus on avoiding instead of merely protection.  Karmik would use its Advanced Active Protection to prevent malware threats before they may be dangerous. Now, Karmik is growing beyond that into a security ecosystem.

Our service
Our service strategy challenges traditional business procedures. We don’t include a prescribed manner of working. Service excellence is all about working your way: as an extension of your staff or another branch, on-site, or for lengthy periods or sprints. It is the dedicated job of our Delivery team to curate ways of working that match your organization and make certain you get the perfect amount of access to our consultants.

We strive to be the simplest cybersecurity company to work with, providing exceptional results without disturbance. We help keep our customers’ businesses and clients safe day to day, and work together to mitigate damage should the worst occur. Our experience Consulting experience across hardware and firmware, and software, is difficult to discover. And it is one of the things which makes us so special.

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