Choosing the ideal PDF for Windows that satisfies all your needs is not too difficult a job. There are numerous choices to varying levels of usefulness. So far as fundamental PDF reading demands are concerned, today’s web browsers are often all that’s necessary. They do what most free PDF readers can perform.

However, for those looking for a PDF with innovative features that can perform specific tasks like annotation, digital signature, form filling, etc., understanding what options are available can go a long way.

For Windows 10 specifically, a highly popular operating system, you will find quite a great deal of PDF readers from which to select. It’s due to this that we have decided to compile our personal collection of that 7 Windows PDF readers are the best free pdf readers of 2019, heading into 2020.

The Best PDF Readers For Windows

Based on what your PDF needs are, this listing could appear confusing by listing options in a given order. So, instead, we have decided to record the best overall free pdf readers where you can pick from the 7 that one is right for you.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Probably the most powerful application on this list would need to be Adobe Acrobat Reader. It’s also among the most popular options in PDF applications for both basic and advanced feature requirements. This specific program is suggested for all PDF jobs as it’s not uncommon to encounter a PDF file that needs an innovative PDF reader.

Adobe Acrobat Reader may look like a bloated item, especially compared to the others on this list, but that’s because it’s the only one with a solution for all PDF related. It is the most useful software on the list, finding answers for your PDF needs where other PDFs could fail.

There are various reading modes, text highlighting, the ability to add notes and manage filling forms, allows for digital signatures, stamps, and much more. With multiple PDF documents, Adobe supports a tabbed view, letting you open and read those PDF files concurrently. The crazy part about it all is the simple version of the product is totally free. Whilst using one of the other free PDF readers, you might observe that larger files may not process entirely. Whatever the size of the document, it’ll be readily compiled and processed, giving a readable PDF to your viewing each moment.

PDF-XChange Editor
If you happen to be in the market for something more lite, PDF-XChange Lite is a free PDF reader choice for Windows 10. The PDF-XChange brand has undergone a complete revamp and simplification, swapping out”Viewer” for”Editor” from the title, as the original did not provide standard editing functions at no cost.

With the modifications, it now provides a suitably named lightweight experience and attributes for printing, reading, annotating, saving images and text, etc. all within a PDF file. This, in addition to the developers’ claim that the free version will ship with over 60% of what you would get from the paid version, makes PDF-XChange Lite an excellent entry to the PDF Reader category.

Another entry on the lightweight front, SumatraPDF is an open-source PDF reader application available for Windows operating systems ranging from Windows 10 all the way back to XP. Naturally, anything tagged with open-ended signifies a product that’s free and open to the public while staying customizable to boot.

It’s lite after all. It doesn’t include annotations, document signing, and form-filling which some might think about a deal-breaker. But if the light is what you are after, SumatraPDF comes at a 64-bit installer that’s no larger than 5MB in size.

Javelin PDF Reader
When searching for a software with all the basic features and performance one might want from a PDF reader, there’s Javelin. At the minimum, Javelin will make it possible for you to complete all daily chores easily with its super clean interface and various screen-viewer functions like complete, side by side, constant, etc. It is fairly lightweight merchandise at 2MB, particularly if compared to the likes of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. In addition to the fundamentals, Javelin can enable you to see DRM-secured PDF files, which are files that need decryption keys to start.